Road Star S 2014 On The Streets In September, Awesome Price Announced

   Star Motorcycles announced the availability for their new 2014 Road Star S for September. Even more, the price makes it an even cooler piece of classic machinery: $12,990 (€9,810) for the base version, already fully-loaded with chrome and road-worthy features.

2014 Road Star S

   The 2014 Road Star S brings the classic hardtail looks in a modern trim, with a hidden rear shock and 43mm chromed forks, rolling on fat tires: 150mm in the rear and a chunky 130mm for the front end, for a massive, aggressive on-road stance. 9-spoke cast rims make everything look even more brutal and in-your-face attire.

2014 Road Star S

   The power unit is an 102cui (1670cc) v-twin with electronic fuel injection, which Star claims is capable to deliver huge amounts of torque barely off idle. Mated to a wide-ratio 5-speed manual gearbox and belt final drive, it seem like this engine can offer quite a fun ride both on the winding mountain roads and on the highway.

   36 mpg (6.5l/100km) is still decent given the displacement and the 743 lbs (336 kg)weight of the 2014 Road Star S. Dual 298mm front discs and a 320mm rear one will help you slow down this massive beast safely. The machine only comes in Nebulous Purple, but with a plethora of accessories available, we're sure that even those who are not that fond of the color will grow to like the bike.

Source Autoevolution

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