Beta Urban 200 Receives Special Upgrades

   If small-displacements bike with a ton of attitude are your game, then the Beta Urban 200 should be on your list of fav bikes, and that's good. However, the Urban 200 has just gotten a Special treatment, which brings about more aesthetic delight and adds some performance, too.

Beta Urban 200 Special

   The Beta Urban 200 Special now comes with racing-like red subframe, in a dashing contrast with the white chassis, with matching two-tone seat and grips, for a solid look.

   The exhaust was upgraded to a high-performance stainless steel one for an increase in brawn and better sound. The black rims have received new lightweight alloy hubs with diamond edged finish. The handlebars are now in aluminium and petal rotors also came in place.

Beta Urban 200 Special

   There are more subtle modifications Beta has bestowed upon the basic Urban 200, but the essence was retained: the same nimble character and awesome city-slicing capabilities, supple and fast for squeezing through the busy traffic. At the same time, the Beta Urban 200 Special can double as a nifty tool for leaving the asphalt behind, as its nifty ground clearance and long-travel suspensions will offer quite a great deal of fun.

Source : Autoevolution

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