Three-Cylinder Yamaha TDM Concept by Luca Bar

   A truly sweet idea comes from the notorious designer Luca Bar: inspired by the recently revealed Yamaha FZ-09, the Italian imagined an even cooler machine - a TDM-like ride, powered by the same engine.
Yamaha TDM Concept by Luca Bar
   The FZ-09 (MT-09 in Europe) is Yamaha's first use of their 3-cylinder crossplane engine, and this naked machine promises a ton of fun for both urban and canyon riding.

   Given the well-known appetite for touring of the TDM series, Luca brought forward the comfortable ergonomics and had them mixed with the new engine technology of the FZ-09. The result is a machine while boasts massive street-enduro character altered by the naked/motard DNA.
Yamaha TDM Concept by Luca Bar
   Honestly, we believe that such a hybrid build would sell extremely well: on- and off-the-road riding would be top-notch, and shoeing the bike with some dual-sport tires for the latter purpose could be endless fun for mild trail adventures.

   Switch and slender enough for city traffic, this bike could also be extremely funny on the highway and cross-continental asphalt touring. Anything to add, Yamaha?

Source : Autoevolution

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