Husqvarna 1000 R Concept by Nicolas Petit


Husqvarna 1000 R Concept by Nicolas Petit
   Nicolas Petit is one of our fav designers and we believe you'll start loving his work after you see his latest Husqvarna concept.

   His endeavor has the Nuda 900R as a mental starting point: bridging the gap between the somewhat different worlds of roadsters and supermoto beasts. However, since Nicolas is anything but a tamed thinker, it was only a minute shift to the more extreme side of bike design, and here's his Husqvarna 1000 R concept.

   Drawing solid cues form the S1000RR and some Wunderlich upgrades for the liter-class BMW, the Husqvarna concept could be a nifty stunt machine with plenty of power and tons of menacing attitude.
   In Petit's vision, the upper front end of the bike and the airbox, which replaces the tank could be covered with a high adherent coating facilitating stunts such as the fenwick (the wheelie with feet above the handlebars).

   The fuel tank is to be relocated under the seat, while special foot rests could be made in the tail fo the bike, for better rider support during wheelies.

   Nicolas Petit alse replaced the steel crash cage with much wider fairings, possibly manufactured from a high-impact plastic to protect the bike as it falls over to the sides. Add in the forged wheels, single-sided swingarm, modern radial calipers and powerful brakes and a letter to Stefan Pierer showing him how cool the next Husqvarna could be.

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