Pictures of the 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure

        Pictures of the 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure
   Hail the almighty BMW R1200GS Adventure, for it has landed! BMW has just surfaced a plethora of awesome pictures of the all-new, long-expected Adventure version of their new-generation R1200GS machine, and you can feast your eyes with the generous gallery after the jump.

   Unlike some erroneously believe, the Adventure machine is more than factory-installed crashbars and panniers. In fact the engine underwent some revisions and certain parts have been replaced: a heavier flywheel and an additional vibration damper came in place to provide a smoother ride and a better feel of the power plant under various conditions.

   The spring travel is 20mm longer for both rear and front, making the bike perform better on rough terrain, while the trailing arm geometry was also changed for more precise handling. The bodywork was also restyled to match the new lager (30-liter or 7.9 us gal) tank, and wider, off-road pegs were installed, with stronger foot controls are now standard.

   A large windshield with air flaps is standard, and a new, tilt-adjustable seat are also stock treats for the BMW R1200GS Adventure. On the electronics side, the new beast comes with ABS, ASC and two riding modes as standard, while three additional modes are available optionally.

   I kind of hoped the Semi-active suspension Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) was part of the base package, but customers have to spend some more on it as an ex-works option..

   Add in a wide assortment of accessory and other extras available ex-works for the 125 HP bike and get ready for the trip[ of a life time. We're delving for the price list and we'll shortly bring you news on this issue.

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