USA Team for 2014 GS Trophy Announced [Photo Gallery]

USA Team for 2014 GS Trophy Announced [Photo Gallery]
    The off-road BMW community has chosen the three best riders to form Team USA, making a shot at world enduro glory next year: Blair Young, Bobby Woolridge and Ben Profitt.

Spartanburg, South Carolina hosted this year's GS Challenge, an event attended by over 70 riders which enlisted to pit their skills against eachother and try to make it in the tam which will represent the US in next year's 2014 GS Trophy.

Given the big numbers of entries, the challenge lasted for three days, with only the top 12 riders making it in the final stage. Day one saw slow riding contests, braking, cone slalom, moving small traffic cones from one side to the other and back while keeping within a specified lane.

The second day of the GS Challenge brought in more intimidating tasks, such as rip-rap rocks, an off-road qualifying session in the rain, with uphill and off-camber areas, and a water obstacle.

In the final leg, the 12 qualifiers were grouped in random teams of three and rode the F800GS, the official bike of the global event. Creek crossing, bridges, rocks, logs and whatnot had to be navigated.

Ross McKinney, senior motorcycle instructor at the Performance Center, told BMW MC Mag: "The finale was an individual ride over river rock, through ruts, crossing tires in the ground, then a sandpit slalom. Next up was a hay-bale maze, followed by more hills, gravel and tight maneuvers over power poles, up stairs and balancing on a couple of angle beams with a jump at the end."

Source: Autoevolution

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