Photo Gallery - 2014 Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T

2014 Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T
2014 Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T
   After announcing Harley-Davidson’s new Dyna Low Rider yesterday, it’s time we introduce the 2014 SuperLow 1200T, the Sportster way to spell touring. Built on the proven and revered Sportster 1200 frame, this bike is advertised as the “lighter way to go touring” and we might be looking a real winner here.

   The price is truly inviting and this should be another good selling point for the 2014 SuperLow 1200T. At $11,799 (€8,505) this bike packs all the Sportster goodies and touring-worthy extras which are definitely a great asset for riders who are not only riding on Sundays around the block. The saddlebags are lockable and are the right justification for riding the bike for some shopping. They even have docking points to allow riders to easily install an additional luggage rack, and thus further expand the storage capabilities.

   Harley equipped the 2014 SuperLow 1200T with a 14” windscreen which enhances the rider’s protection against the elements. However, the windscreen can be easily uninstalled, thanks to its quick-release system, and instant wind-in-your-hair gratification is provided. Mini-floorboards are also provided as standard trim, for increased comfort.
   On the tech side, the 2014 Harley-Davidson SuperLow 1200T shows the air-cooled Evolution 1,202cc v-twin engine, with Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and delivering 96Nm (70.7 lb-ft) @ 3,500 rpm. ABS is optional for the 2-pot caliper brakes and handling should be top-notch, knowing how smooth the 1200 Sportster is.

   The Harley-Davidson 2014 SuperLow 1200T can also be customized with two-tone paint, can receive smart security and can also be delivered in a CARB-compliant trim for a small premium. The bike is affordable, built on a very strong base model, and is tenfold more practical for hard, daily riding than a dresser. And has that awesome metak tank badge. Therefore it should be a hit!

Source : Autoevolution

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