Adventure R – a superbike for the dirt

Adventure R – a superbike for the dirt
  KTM's Adventure 1198 R is probably the most extreme adventure motorcycle you can buy. At 148 horsepower, it's considerably more powerful than anything else in the big enduro market, and at 230 kg (507 lbs) with a tank of fuel, it's actually quite light for a big-bore adventure bike. Make no mistake though, it's an intimidating ride.

I've managed to lose a couple of kilos over the Christmas break, and I can't credit my self control. Indeed, I hoovered up every morsel I could get my hands on at a typically decadent family Christmas get-together. So I suspect thanks must go to the giant KTM I was given to review over the break.

As a complete numpty on the dirt, it was certainly an eye-opening experience to take my baby steps on arguably the most extreme adventure bike in the category – the KTM 1190 Adventure R. At 148 horsepower, significantly more powerful than anything on the market (barring KTM's own upcoming 1290 Adventure), the Adventure R is a big bike and a physical ride – and hence a pretty good workout to burn off an abundance of Christmas pork.

It's the most dirt-focused of all the big Adventure machines, with 21 and 18-inch spoked wheels and chunky knobby tires as standard. It's also KTM's technology flagship, with the 2015 model sporting lean-angle sensitive traction control and Cornering ABS.

As a novice dirt rider, on an expert level rocketship, I terrified myself through more than 1000 kilometers on a brand new test bike, with at least 400 on the dirt, to put together this review video. Enjoy!
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