Yamaha’s diminutive TW125 has become something of a cult classic in the world of custom motorcycles. It’s easy to see why: this humble farm bike exudes an honest charm that’s hard to ignore.
Dimitri Chaussinand certainly gets it. Despite owning a perfectly good Triumph Speed Triple, Dimitri (AKA Dinamax) decided to buy and customize a TW125. Simply because it’s cool.

“The Speed Triple is for the sensation of speed,” explains the architectural draughtsman, who lives in Lyon in France’s central Rhône-Alpes region. “But the TW125 is for going into to town to buy bread—in style!”
In style, yes—and on a budget too. The 2001-model donor was picked up for a mere $1,000, and Dimitri put it together it in the parking garage of his apartment building. “The space really isn’t great for work,” he says. “The lighting is rotten and there’s no electricity, but it’s funky.”

  His goal was simple: to build a no-nonsense street scrambler. “I wanted to do something neo-retro: with a classic fuel tank and a Japanese-style extended swingarm.”
A Yamaha DTMX tank fit the bill perfectly, so Dimitri sourced one and sent it off toAeroskoal for paint. He also had the wheels and forks blacked-out for a stealthier vibe.

  Out back, Dimitri bolted on a longer swingarm ordered from a Japanese supplier. He then trimmed the frame and fitted a custom-made leather seat.
Underneath the seat, the airbox was dumped for a K&N filter and the battery relocated to a new box. The exhaust was shortened, and now terminates in a mini muffler. It pokes out just below a nifty little splash guard that Dimitri fitted.

He enlisted some help from Lyon-based specialists along the way. Mondial Moto overhauled the engine, cleaned out the carbs and sorted out the wiring, while PBSC helped out on welding work.
The lights, turn signals and speedo were all ordered from Japan. And that gorgeous littletool roll hanging off the side of the bike is from the Wrenchmonkees x Sandqvist collection.

 Dimitri’s TW is as quirky and loveable as they come. There are not many bikes we’d choose over a Speed Triple, but for a quick dash to the shops, this little TW125 is justparfait.
                                                                                                                                 Source: cycleworld

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